Get To Know Us

FlySMS Inc. was founded in 2016 by a team with almost 40 years of combined experience in Telecommunications, Data & Analytics company, and various government institutions. Funded by private Singaporean VC, developing a tool for all travellers to have a hassle free way to notify traveller’s loved ones, friends and colleagues on a safe aircraft landing.

FlySMS is a San Francisco based company, which develops a Cloud Based API Frameworks and Services, as a unified aircraft notification system. Capable of aggregation and processing over 100 thousand structured and unstructured flight data sources per day and automated delivery of real - time, cross - platform flight notifications.

FlySMS Framework is the only API enabled, air travel notification service, which allow airlines, travel agencies and travel related service companies to integrate an automated notification services into existing products. The Framework is capable of processing of over 1000 airlines in over 4000 airports1. With over 95% Worldwide coverage and still growing.

FlySMS is a solid framework platform providing external API integration with the following three key subsystems: Messaging, Flight Data & Flight Tracking.

Messaging Subsystem intelligently selects among different SMS providers based on the recipient location to optimize the delivery time and ensure that notification is delivered before he even steps out of the plane and able to connect to any carrier.

Flight Data Subsystem crawls thru all available flight data Worldwide from thousands of sources. Optimizing and choosing the most relevant data in real time.

Flight Tracking Subsystem tracks the relevant flight during the course of the whole flight, predicting the route and estimating time of arrival to ensure a timely notification delivery.